These oil paintings are a representative overview of my work. Earlier in my career I often set up an easel and painted landscapes on the spot and then did minor finishing touches back at the studio. More recently, when I've seen some image or subject I'd like to paint, I've made drawings from memory and taken photographs and then built the painting from these. So there is more of an imagined realism to them and less of an on-the-spot realism. Another change that seems to be happening is that figures are showing up more often and they seem to be getting larger. Where this will lead I don't know, but I've been doing an awful lot of figure drawing recently.
Salmon Creek Evening
Realistic Oil painting of Salmon Creek
Looking South along Highway One, you can see the village of Salmon Creek across from the light at the Ranger Station. The evening has darkened enough so that the cars headlights shine clearly as they wind down the highway. 37 X 49 inches
Salmon Creek Yellow Sunset
Realistic Oil painting of yellow sunset
Looking North along Highway One, you can see Salmon Creek Bridge and the Ranger Station in the upper left. The water in the foreground is collected by the earth dam for the cattle that graze on this land. Over to the left is the village of Salmon Creek that is partially hidden by the fog. Salmon Creek itself can be seen winding behind the low hill in the center right. The sunsets in this area can be dramatic and colorful so I felt using strong yellows and oranges was appropriate for the subject. 30 X 65 inches
The Neighbor
 Oil painting
This painting shows a view past my woodpile into a neighbor's yard. She had many animals including goats, one of which now lives in my yard. There are many Eucalyptus trees in this area and they are either loved or hated depending upon how close you live to one. Nothing will grow under them, but in this case I used them as a framing backdrop as they recede into the distance. 36 X 48 inches
Men Working In Trees
 Oil painting
I'd drive up this road often to drop my son off at day care. One day it was blocked by men cutting down the large Eucalyptus trees that grew across the hillside. The large logs had been stripped of their branches and when felled had tumbled down the hill in a dramatically haphazard manner. I thought this was a great subject for a painting and so for the next weeks I made drawings and photos of their progress. The painting is an idealized rendering of the spot and activity. I made the perspective flat and tried to accent the roundness of the hills and logs and the color is fairly monochromatic. 60 X 45 inches
Bus Stop
 Oil painting
There is a stop near my home where the kids wait in the morning for the school bus. I thought it would make for an interesting painting. I changed a lot of things about the spot, though. The green pickup is one like my father use to have, and the tractor comes from a nearby field. The Eucalyptus logs I added because I like painting them and woodpiles seem to be a love of mine also. I compressed the perspective so that you're obliquely looking down on the figures, but the distance rolls away quickly towards the top of the painting. Also, the foreground sort of stair-steps down to the main action. I hoped this gives a sense of slowed movement, like a story unfolding. The bus isn't moving very fast here, but something is about to happen, even if it is just some kids getting on the bus. 72 X 37 inches
Blue Wood
 Oil painting
A backyard woodpile that is covered with a large blue tarp. Capturing the roundness and texture of the woodpile under the shininess of the tarp was a fun challenge. For any artist that paints outdoors the changing light makes for quick compromises and adjustments as one paints. In this case the sun was setting fast and I had to decide not only how long the shadows were to be, but how sunset-yellow to make the blue tarp. It would be a fun project to go back and see how yellow I could paint the tarp and still have it keep its blue appearance. 24 X 32 inches
Beach Scene
 Oil painting
I painted this quickly at the beach on a day when the light was not too intense, the ocean and the sky melted together. The three figures make a sort of triangle that I didn't see until I got home. I like the roughness of the brush work. 28 1/2 X 26 1/2 inches
Agate Beach Cliffs
 Oil painting
Agate Beach cliffs at sunset. Duxbury reef points off to Stinson Beach in the distance. 32 X 24 inches
Pacific Grove
 Oil painting
I set up my easel at a beach in Pacific Grove were my dad had spent his childhood. When I'm painting in public it is hard to carry on a conversation with a passerby, but this one time a young woman began to talk with me and I was enjoying explaining what I was doing as I painted this picture. Just then my dad appeared and asked me when I was going to be finished and to come back to the house where the rest of the family was. Then he left and the woman was gone too. I was disappointed I couldn't talk to the woman more and I was hoping she'd come back and see how I'd progressed. When I got back to the house everyone wanted to see the painting, they had a lot of comments and questions, but I didn't tell anyone about the woman. 24 X 16 inches
Mother and Child and Log
 Oil painting
Sometimes storms toss large ungainly logs onto the beach. I thought this one was especially ominous and made an interesting contrast with the two figures. I placed it in the center and enjoyed capturing its shape and texture. I made the figures small,though, pushing to the back. Maybe with time they'll move closer and the logs will shrink. I went back to this spot soon after I painted this to redraw the log, but it had washed back out to sea. 36 X 24 inches
Man Dog Beach
 Oil painting
I painted this picture on a weekend afternoon when the crowd had thinned out. I had started drawing and painting figures more often and the beach is great for figure studies especially if they're laying still and aren't wearing clothing. The beach is also great for showing many different perspective levels. You can get the extreme foreshortening of the woman at the left and the deep distance of the figures in the water. I like the way this painting shows the late afternoon light coloring everyone. That's Dave, a local carpenter, sitting on the sea wall. 24 X 30 inches
Burning Bush
 Oil painting
The Dodonea bush my wife planted grew very fast one year after seeming to lie dormant for a long time. The leaves of a nearby Eucalyptus tree hang over it ominously, but don't seem to affect its growth rate. I tried to catch the way it seemed to be on fire as the morning sun streamed through its leaves. 22 1/2 X 33 1/4 inches
Beach With Grey Rocks
 Oil painting
Large grey rocks frame a distant view of Bolinas Beach. 26 X 21 inches
Brighton Beach From Cliff
 Oil painting
Looking down on Brighton Beach 24 X 16 inches.
Bodega Harbor Evening
 Oil painting
A view of Bodega Harbor from Bodega Head. 24 X 16 inches
Turnout Highway 1
 Oil painting
Highway 1 looking East near Bodega Bay. 32 X 24 inches
Sunset At Salmon Creek Ranger Station
 Oil painting
Sunset looking across the Salmon Creek Ranger Station. 36 X 24 inches